Diet pills Duromine contain active substance Phentermine, possessing pharmacological property to suppress the appetite. Taking diet pills Duromine, obese patient no longer experiences a constant feeling of hunger and accordingly, refuses from large amount of high-calorie food with high content of vegetable and animal fats.

To achieve a maximum result in fight against excess weight, Duromine drug for obesity treatment is used in combination with diet therapy and exercise therapy.

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Main advantage of medical obesity treatment is that an obese patient does not experience emotional and physical discomfort taking diet pills Duromine and following a diet.


Taking diet pills Duromine, a patient ceases to experience pathological feeling of hunger and respectively, several times reduces the calories number, consumed per day. Fat burning, accumulated around the internal organs and under the skin is the body reaction to the volume decrease of consumed food.

It is recommended to add physical activity to your daily routine together with diet pills Duromine use and adherence to dietary food in order to accelerate physiological process of fat deposits burning. Daily physical activity will help to significantly accelerate burning of fat deposits and to reduce the duration of drug therapy of obesity.

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Obesity drug therapy

Obesity is a complex, chronic disease which occurs due to excessive depositions of adipose tissue in the person' s body. In overweight, adipose tissue is usually deposited in the area of hips, stomach, breast and around internal organs.

Obesity causes

There are a lot of causes of obesity in children and adults. One of the main causes is overeating or eating disorder. Due to daily overeating, food coming into the body is processed and stored as fatty deposits. The reason of using excessive amounts of food can be severe psychological experiences or metabolic disorder in the body.


Reason of obesity development may also include:

  • endocrine glands dysfunctions (endocrine disease);
  • genetic predisposition;
  • lack of regular exercise (hypodynamia).

Obesity in children

In children and adolescents obesity can be:

  • independent primary disease (primary alimentary obesity, exogenous-constitutional obesity);
  • cerebral* (possible reasons – cerebral tumors and infectious diseases of the brain);
  • endocrine* (possible reasons – thyroid diseases, dysfunction of the adrenal gland or hypothalamus-pituitary system);
  • genetic** (possible reasons – Prader-Willi syndrome, Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Cohen syndrome).

*When eliminating symptoms of endocrine and cerebral diseases, body weight gradually normalizes in children and adolescents under 12 years.

**Obesity, arising due to genetic predisposition requires a long-term complex and continuous treatment.

Obesity degrees

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Obesity as many other diseases, characterized by following clinical degrees:

  • 1 degree of obesity (excess of fatty tissue in the body is from 10% to 29%);
  • 2 degree of obesity (excess of fatty tissue in the body is from 30% to 49%);
  • 3 degree of obesity (excess of fatty tissue in the body is from 50% to 99%);
  • 4 degree of obesity (excess of fatty tissue in the body is more than 100%).

Patients with 1 and 2 degrees of obesity usually do not complain of the deterioration of general health status, or some individual symptoms. In obesity of 1 and 2 degrees patients seldom complain of the increased fatigue and overall weakness.

Obesity of 3 and 4 degrees is characterized by more severe symptoms. In patients with 3 and 4 degrees of obesity are observed: resistant heart pains, breathlessness during low physical activity, hypertension, decreased working capacity, drowsiness, headache, depressive state, inferiority complex (in some cases).

Obesity of 3 and 4 degrees is usually accompanied by the development of chronic diseases: biliary tract and liver, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system. Often in patients with obesity of 3 and 4 degrees is diagnosed hyperlipidemia and type 2 diabetes.

Nutrition in obesity

Balanced and well-chosen diet is half the battle in obesity treatment of different etiology. In obesity, recommended diet is to limit the daily ration of the consumed food. Herewith, one should monitor that vitamins, minerals, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids come in sufficient amount in the body.

When obesity, consumed food should be low-calorie and should include products with a low energy content. It is not recommended to consume fried and steamed dishes with a high content of salt during obesity.

Regardless of obesity severity, a patient is recommended to limit the use of: cereals, sugar, potatoes, bakery products, confectionery products. When obesity, it is recommended to consume exceptionally rye or bran bread in limited amount (not more than 300 grams a day).

It is recommended to eat more vegetable and fruit salads in 3 and 4 obesity degrees. It is strongly not recommended to consume food rich in cholesterol for patients with 3 and 4 obesity degrees.

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Obesity consequences

Obesity is a catalyzer of many severe diseases, including: type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, cholecystitis, hernia, intervertebral discs, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, pancreatitis, cancer diseases, cholelithiasis, polycystic ovary syndrome in women, deforming osteoarthritis, chronic venous insufficiency, arthritis, stroke, myocardial infarction.

Obesity treatment

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Obesity treatment depends on the disease severity. In severe stages of the disease, when obesity threatens the functionality of vital organs and body systems, bariatric surgery (gastric banding and gastric bypass) is used. Nowadays, majority of bariatric surgeries are carried out by means of laparoscope without abdominal incisions.

Despite the high efficacy of surgical obesity treatment, its high cost does not allow patients with low-and middle-wage to apply to surgeon for professional help. Therefore, the most popular and affordable way to fight obesity is a drug therapy of obesity.

Pharmacotherapy of obesity involves not only medications use but also adherence to a strict diet in combination with moderate physical loads. Only complex obesity treatment provides the achievement of maximum result in the struggle against excess weight. So, taking medications to treat obesity, one should observe advice and recommendations of healthcare professionals.

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