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Before to start using Duromine

Many people want to use Duromine capsules and, therefore they ask questions where to buy them, and how and when to take them. This drug is sold at traditional or on online pharmacies. Duromine capsules should be taken in the first half of the day – before, during or after breakfast.

Before to start using Duromine

To the obesity treatment is more effective and fast, medical examination can be recommended. The purpose of medical examination is an assessment of general health status and the choice of the optimal Duromine dose.

The initial recommended dose of Duromine 30mg is prescribed in the absence of contraindications. If there is a need, this dose can be reduced up to 15mg or increased up to 40mg.

Inform your doctor if you are taking medications for the treatment of mental, cardiovascular or other diseases, even if you bought them without a prescription. Duromine is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If you treat some diseases, it is better to wait a full recovery and then to start using Duromine. Most likely, you will not be prescribed with Duromine if obesity is caused by the brain injuries or hormonal disorders.

Before you start taking Duromine capsules, you need to choose a diet and exercise that will suit you. Duromine anorectic drug can be used no more than 12 weeks, so the effectiveness of treatment will depend on the choice of diet and exercise.

Before starting the treatment of overweight or obesity, make sure that Duromine will not cause allergy reactions. Duromine contains one active substance Phentermine that rarely causes allergy reactions. The presence of inactive substances can be found in the package insert or from a pharmacist.

If you are using another anorectic drug, stop taking it. The combined use of drugs for obesity treatment increases the risk of side effects.

Before to start decreasing the body weight, you should know exactly how and when to take Duromine. If you order Duromine on online pharmacy, you can get a professional advice by phone or email.

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