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Cost of Duromine

How retail segment members of the pharmaceutical market Influence the cost of Duromine drug.

Duromine cost

According to many international analyst firms (eg GBI Research), in 2014 total sales of drugs for the obesity treatment will reach about $ 1 billion US Dollars on the world pharmacological market. Weight loss drugs sales increases each year by approximately 20%. All drugs are sold to patients with obesity through various retail networks.

Duromine, which contains Phentermine 15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg, is one of the drugs that competes with the most popular weight loss drugs in the world, such as Xenical (Orlistat, “Roche”) and Belviq (Lorkaserin, “Arena Pharmaceuticals”).

The price for Duromine weight loss capsules can greatly differ not only in pharmacies around the world, but also in pharmacies of one country. State regulation is widely used to control retail prices of weight loss drugs. State control for Duromine prices restricts the ability of suppliers and retailers to receive excess profits and sets the maximum price at a lower level.

Pharmacies acquire Duromine capsules for the obesity treatment at wholesale price and sell them to end consumers at retail price. The difference between the retail and wholesale price of the goods can reach 30%. Naturally, pharmacies and other retailers need to cover costs and get medium sales profits of 10-20%. However, in some countries, where there is no effective state regulation of pharmacological market, the trading margin can reach 200%.

Today, people actively use online pharmacies for purchasing weight loss drugs. Shopping via the Internet allows patients with obesity to spend less on fighting excessive weight. Online pharmacies mainly sell their products at a lower price, than conventional pharmacies. This is due to the fact that the cost of products sold does not include some expenditure items, characteristic for common pharmacies (high rent, sellers’ and consultants’ wages, outdoor advertising, transportation and other costs).

Duromine is a weight loss drug that can be purchased at the pharmacy with prescription only. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Duromine capsules on the online store at a lower price.

State price control for the obesity treatment drugs is not the only way to reduce the cost of pharmacological treatment in patients with obesity. Besides promoted brands (such as Duromine), there are equivalent drugs for weight loss. These medications have similar pharmacological effects, but differ greatly in price.

Generic medications contain the same active substance (e.g. Phentermine), and often have the same side effects, as branded drugs. Generic drugs provide the opportunity for patients with low income to go through pharmacological obesity treatment. Generic products allow spending less on fighting obesity.

Doctors often prescribe branded drugs for weight loss, although there are cheaper medications. Obese patients are not always capable to understand whether the prescribed drug is expensive and effective, or inexpensive and effective. Therefore, state regulation of prices for weight loss drugs (e.g., Duromine) also aims informing the patients about the entire spectrum of products for weight loss.

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