Duromine is effective capsules for weight loss. Each capsule of Duromine contains 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of Phentermine. Duromine capsules are prescribed to people, who suffer from obesity (BMI over 30) and people with overweight (BMI 25 to 30).

Duromine 15mg

Phentermine acts directly on the brain and causes satiety. By suppressing appetite, Phentermine helps to reduce food intake.

When a patient needs to reduce the body weight by a couple of kilograms, doctor prescribes him a minimal dose – Duromine 15mg. A single dose of Duromine 15mg should be taken in the morning, by mouth with a full glass of water. Patient must never open, chew or crash the Duromine 15mg capsules before using.

Even the smallest dose of Duromine may cause side effects. If patient’s state becomes worse after the intake of Duromine 15mg capsule, he should stop the drug therapy of obesity. Often, Duromine capsules can cause chest pain, labored breathing, swelling of lower or upper limbs, insomnia or other sleep problems.

Despite the fact that Duromine 15mg is a minimal dosage, its regular use can provoke some cardiovascular pathologies. If patient has high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat after the intake of Duromine 15mg capsule, he should tell his therapist about these side effects.

Special precautions must be taken by people, in whom Duromine 15 mg minimal dose causes euphoria, skin rash, nervousness, difficulty urinating, tremor of the limbs, dryness or unpleasant taste in mouth, dizziness, stomach cramps, headache, diarrhea, nausea and constipation.

If listed side effects are highly pronounced, you should discuss with the doctor the possibility of changing Duromine 15mg capsules to alternative weight loss medications. Before the beginning of obesity treatment, please make sure you have zero contraindications for use of Duromine 15mg capsules.

It is noteworthy that Duromine 15mg capsules are not recommended to elderly patients and teenagers under 12 years old. Regardless of the patient’s age and obesity severity, Duromine 15mg capsules must be taken along with diet and physical loads. After the use of Duromine 15mf capsules and alcohol, the risk of side effects is higher.

If you were prescribed Duromine 15mg capsules, but in your city, these pills are very pricey, you can buy cheap Duromine 15mg capsules online. If you have never taken weight loss capsules, containing Phentermine, try to find some feedbacks about Phentermine or consult a professional medical worker.