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Duromine efficiency

Duromine is gelatin capsules, meant for obesity treatment. Duromine capsules contain one active substance – Phentermine and inactive substances (excipients).

Duromine efficiency

The main factors, affecting the efficiency of anti-obesity treatment are:

  • Peculiarities of Phentermine chemical structure
  • Phentermine absorption rate
  • Phentermine excretion rate

In addition, the efficiency of drug anti-obesity therapy can be affected by the peculiarities of metabolic processes and comorbidities in patients.

Chemical structure of Phentermine

Phentermine is a white crystal odorless powder. Phentermine is a hygroscopic substance and can be easily dissolved in water and low alcohols, yet is not dissolved in ethers.

By chemical structure, Phentermine is similar to amphetamine, acting mainly on the norepinephrine neurotransmitter. Thus, acting on norepinephrine, Phentermine reduces the appetite and helps to control the amount of food we eat.

However, the difference between amphetamine and Phentermine is that the second one does not cause a strong feeling of euphoria and that is why, it is legally available in some countries (like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.) as a drug to treat obesity.

The unique feature of Duromine anorectic drug is the prolonged effect of Phentermine. When using Duromine, the active substance Phentermine is gradually released into the body.

Herewith, a gradual release of Phentermine provides a soft and prolonged impact on the central nervous system of the human body and blocks the hunger.

The absorption rate of Phentermine

The transportation rate of the drug ingredients from the gastric cavity to the internal environment, blood and lymph of the body has a great impact on the efficiency of therapy by means of Duromine anorectic drug.

A complete absorption of Phentermine takes 3-4 hours. Food eaten before or after the intake of Duromine drug is one of the factors, affecting the absorption rate of this medicine.

In fact, fatty food slows down the drug absorption and therefore, the treatment is delayed and the activity of the drug ingredients declines.

If you take Duromine with breakfast, containing fatty foods, the efficiency of Phentermine is reduced by an average of 5%.

Other factors that can affect the absorption of Phentermine are:

  • The gastric emptying rate
  • Change in the gastrointestinal tract motility
  • Change in pH of the gastrointestinal liquids

Besides, the absorption of Phentermine is affected by the dissolution of Duromine capsule shell and the metabolic processes that take place in the body. While using Duromine anorectic drug, the body temperature is increased and the metabolism is accelerated.

Duromine appetite suppressant contributes to that a person eats more often but in small portions. Such a diet speeds up the metabolism.

The excretion rate of Phentermine

Please keep in mind that the excretion of any medication out of the body is another factor, affecting the treatment efficiency. The excretion of substances depends on their dissolution in water and urine reaction.

Usually, medications are excreted with urine mostly. However, other systems of the body can take part in the drug excretion process.

Gases and many other volatiles are removed from the body by lungs mostly. Some of the drugs are excreted by the saliva, sweat and lacrimal glands.

Phentermine is removed from the human body with urine by kidneys. Therefore, the excretion rate of Duromine anorexigenic drug depends directly on the kidney function.

People with renal insufficiency should use Duromine under the supervision of the skilled physician.

The efficiency of Duromine therapy may be decreased, if obesity is accompanied by any other disease. In that case, Phentermine drug interactions are inevitable.

Moreover, a concomitant use of Phentermine and any other medicine can seriously damage a patient’s health. To avoid the drug interactions and a negative impact on the body, patients must adhere to instructions for use of Duromine anorectic drug.

The developers of Duromine do not recommend using the drug along with other weight loss drugs. During the treatment with Duromine, diabetic patients might need to reduce the dose of insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs.

A concomitant use of alcohol beverages and Duromine anorectic drug can negatively affect the mental health of a patient in such mental disorders as hyperesthesia, psychosis and deep depression.

All arguments given above confirm the fact that Duromine is a potent psychostimulant, created for the treatment of obesity. But its efficiency can be reduced if patients do not follow the developers recommendations.

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