Obesity is a catalyzer of many severe diseases, including: type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, cholecystitis, hernia, intervertebral discs, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, pancreatitis, cancer diseases, cholelithiasis, polycystic ovary syndrome in women, deforming osteoarthritis, chronic venous insufficiency, arthritis, stroke, myocardial infarction.


Obesity treatment depends on the disease severity. In severe stages of the disease, when obesity threatens the functionality of vital organs and body systems, bariatric surgery (gastric banding and gastric bypass) is used. Nowadays, majority of bariatric surgeries are carried out by means of laparoscope without abdominal incisions.

Despite the high efficacy of surgical obesity treatment, its high cost does not allow patients with low-and middle-wage to apply to surgeon for professional help. Therefore, the most popular and affordable way to fight obesity is a drug therapy of obesity.

Pharmacotherapy of obesity involves not only medications use but also adherence to a strict diet in combination with moderate physical loads. Only complex obesity treatment provides the achievement of maximum result in the struggle against excess weight. So, taking medications to treat obesity, one should observe advice and recommendations of healthcare professionals.

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