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Duromine and physical activity in elderly people

When using Duromine, elderly people over 65 years old are recommended to choose a moderate level of physical activity. Elderly patients should not spend more than 5 hours per week on gymnastics or any other physical exercises. Otherwise, they put themselves at high risk of obesity or other chronic diseases.

Physical activity in elderly people

Actually, many elderly patients who suffer from obesity and weak immunity should be careful when using any medications; including Duromine. Patients older than 65, should take Duromine weight loss tablets as a part of a weight loss plan along with diets and high physical activity.

Elderly patients do not need any difficult exercises. Moderate physical activity within 25-30 minutes per day is quite enough for them.

Elderly patients, using Duromine weight loss tablets are recommended:

  • not to do physical exercises that can pose threat for health.
  • to perform strength exercises for main group of muscles, minimum 3 times in 10 days.
  • to be physically active every day, since this will increase the efficacy of Duromine weight loss pills.
  • for those who have problems with joints – to do balancing exercises.
  • perform moderate exercises within at least 5-10 minutes each
  • to perform physical exercises, according to own possibilities and overall health

Patients using Duromine must keep in mind that these weight loss pills can increase the blood pressure. Hence, elderly people are not recommended to take large doses of Duromine, since they increase the likelihood of cardiovascular side effects.

Some people over 65 years old might need extra precautions to achieve the recommended level of physical activity. Still, this should not be an obstacle for obesity treatment.

Increased physical activity while using Duromine drug, reduces the likelihood of acute cerebrovascular accident, type 2 diabetes and irreversible necrosis of heart muscle.

Physical exercises of different intensity strengthen muscle tissue and musculoskeletal system. Physical activity reduces the probability of sleep disorders, depression, sadness and other disorders of the central nervous system.

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