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Duromine side effects

Duromine is a drug of new generation, created for treatment of all types of obesity. By acting on the hypothalamus, Duromine psychostimulant suppresses the appetite, provides quick satiety and reduces the amount of food a patient eats.

Duromine side effects

Duromine is a biological dietary supplement. Duromine is a powerful medicine to fight against overweight. An improver use of this drug may cause side effects.

Side effects are a random phenomenon rather than an inevitability. So, it does not mean that they necessarily appear in patients during the therapy by means of Duromine amphetamine-like drug

Moreover, one or several Duromine side effects are usually not severe and stay for a short time. In fact, people themselves can reduce the number or severity of Duromine side effects.

What kind of side effects can we expect from Duromine anorexigenic drug? What risk factors can cause Duromine side effects?

First of all, let us note that improperly prescribed dose of Duromine (high therapeutic doses) may cause a severe impact on overall health of patients.

Because Duromine is an anti-obesity drug for oral use, the first possible Duromine side effects appear from the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of a patient.

Other GIT side effects caused by Duromine are: gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, bloating, upset stomach and irritation of the gastric mucosa.

As mentioned above, Duromine is a psychostimulant, which provides an anorexigenic effect during anti-obesity therapy. Thus, the use of high doses of Phentermine causes side effects from the central nervous system.

Irritability, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness and headache – all these are Duromine side effects from nervous and mental health of a patient. Duromine appetite suppressant speeds up the metabolism and patients waste much more energy within the same period of time.

However, this effect also increases the heart rate, the blood pressure and can provoke episodes of heart disease. For instance, tachycardia, palpitations and pain in the heart may occur.

It happens that Duromine side effects are provoked by individual hypersensitivity to the drug. As a result, allergic reactions like skin rash, urticaria and itching occur.

Age of a patient is another factor that may cause Duromine side effects. We cannot deny the fact that in elderly, some functions of the body fade with time, causing different changes, increasing the risk of Duromine side effects.

On contrary – in children and adolescents many functions and organs are not fully developed. Their and cardiovascular and endocrine systems as well as digestive tract and metabolism keep developing.

Therefore, such factor as a patient’s age should be taken into account when using Phentermine.

We cannot ignore the fact that obesity provokes comorbidities that also require a proper treatment. The combined usage of several drugs (polypragmasia) is another factor, causing Duromine side effects.

Elderly people are at high risk of side effects of Duromine because they usually suffer from several diseases at a time and therefore use more than one medication.

In the end, it must be said that there is no need to refuse Duromine anorectic drug during weight loss therapy. It is not a fact, that you will necessarily have Duromine side effects, listed above.

If doctor adjusts you a proper dose of Duromine and you follow all recommendations during anti-obesity treatment, then Duromine side effects will not bother you too much and disappear very soon.

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